We think you know the answer.

We all recognize the need for clean carpets, furniture, and floors from time to time. Cleaning them yourself with some machine you rent from the store is always an option –  and you may think you can get this done over the weekend and also save some money!

So you go to the store and get one of those machines, along with all the bottles of chemicals. Hopefully, the last person who used it returned it clean, after cleaning his house with 12 dogs, 5 cats, 3 chain smokers, and a guinea pig. Hopefully.

Anyway,  after a whole day of swishing away, filling up and dumping buckets, etc – will you be thrilled with the results? After all that work, maybe mildly satisfied, at best.

First of all, the machine is small. It has to be or you won’t want to transport it in your car, and carry it around your house. Basically the bigger the machine the heavier it gets – and if it’s too big, you won’t use it. However, the big machines a professional uses have more powerful motors and more powerful vacuums, and will perform much better, leaving carpets much cleaner, if far less time, and they dry faster, too.

It’s truly impossible to achieve the same results with a little store rented machine.

And is it safe? Well, we’ve seen some ugly results – bad results due to weak and dirty machines, carpets that have stayed damp for days, causing smells and even mold build up which can cause serious health issues, carpet discoloration due to uneven use of harsh chemicals and detergents, and rapid re-soiling due to the detergent residue left behind on the carpets after cleaning.

So, the idea of wasting a weekend, and getting shoddy results in order to save a few dollars could cost you more in the long run.

Please hire a professional! And we hope you’ll choose Greener Steamer for all of your carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning.

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