Carpet Cleaning Services

With the most advanced equipment, and with green, yet powerful, cleaning solutions, Greener Steamer will deep clean your carpets the earth-friendly way for a safer, cleaner, healthier home or business. We respect your home, and take precautions to prevent nicks and dings in your walls. We use corner guards and wall protectors while we work, and shoe coverings to prevent re-soiling your carpets as we clean.

Most traditional cleaners use a scrub wand to clean your carpets. It’s been around for 40 years. But Greener Steamer uses a rotary extractor! This revolutionary tool uses 6 high-solution flow jets, and 6 vacuum slots to clean carpets from multiple directions giving superior results and using less energy! This allows the equipment to pass over each section of carpet hundreds of times for the deepest clean, and it DRIES FAST!

I use proven GREEN solutions (CRC certified) that are butyl-free, and contain no APEOs. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, and contain no known carcinogens.

Our all-inclusive service includes mild deodorization, spot removal treatment, whole carpet pre-treat, pre-scrubbing where necessary, and, of course, rotary extraction.

High rise condos: In addition I have – hands down – the best and strongest portable equipment to clean inside high-rise condos, apartments, and office buildings. So, regardless of what floor you reside on, I can easily deep clean your carpets, stone, furniture upholstery, showers, countertops, and other tile & grout surfaces.

Our Cleaning Process

Before we begin cleaning, we will walk with you through the areas you want cleaned, and discuss your cleaning goals. We will note spots, spills, high-traffic areas, and other areas of concern, and we will recommend the best course of action. You’re the boss!
We then start cleaning by removing much of the accumulated dust and dirt using a powerful commercial vacuum with HEPA filtration to prevent dust and other allergens from becoming airborne.
Traffic areas are pretreated with a non-toxic pre-spray for more effective soil removal. We pre-spray the whole floor if necessary for best results. We won’t take shortcuts.
Spots and stains are pre-treated for maximum effective removal.
We use our powerful rotary extractor to pre-scrub your carpets to further work the pre-spray in for a deeper clean.
At no additional cost, we will apply deodorizer to any areas of concern to eliminate most basic odor problems.
Once all the soil is loosened by all the pre-treatments, we use our powerful rotary extractor to thoroughly deep clean your carpets. This machine is state-of-the art, and you can learn more about it on our cleaning equipment page.
For the really tough spots that don’t come up during the extraction and rinse process, we will use special spotting techniques. Some spots unfortunately are permanent, but we will have discussed this with you during pre-inspection.
For long lasting protection against spills and to resist soiling, we apply Scotchgard™ Protector. The strong stain protection pushes future spills away from the fibers. Most fresh spills will clean up easily with just water. This protector won’t change the look or feel of carpet or rugs or upholstery. 12-Month Guarantee Included
Your carpet is groomed with a professional groomer so that the pile of your carpet is standing tall when finished. This will restore its beauty and help the carpet to dry faster.
How did we do? We will walk with you through the newly cleaned areas, and answer any questions. We hope you’ll be thrilled with the results!
If necessary, your carpet will be speed dried with high velocity air movers immediately after cleaning to promote faster drying.
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