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Greener Steamer has a variety of top-quality professional equipment to achieve the best results in a variety of cleaning circumstances.

Not all carpet cleaning equipment works the same. We know that the equipment a carpet cleaning company chooses will affect the results, and most importantly, how satisfied you are as a customer.

Greener Steamer takes pride in using the best state-of-the-art equipment for every job, which is why we decide to use a rotary extractor in most situations to clean our customer’s carpets for the best results.

Rotary extractors out-perform other industrial-strength equipment such as the common steam wand which most cleaners use. The rotary extractor spins in a circle allowing all your carpet fibers to be cleaned from multiple angles. The rotary extractor also has 6 steam jets and 6 vacuum slots (steam wands only have one spray jet, and one vacuum). Multiple jets and vacuums allows the equipment to pass over each section of carpet hundreds of times for the deepest clean. Usually only one pass is necessary with the rotary extractor where other equipment requires multiple passes. This means superior cleaning results in less time! And your carpets will dry fast, too!

The rotary extractor effectively removes tough stains and ground-in dirt that other types of steam wands can’t, providing a superior deep cleaning, and without the use of harsh chemical solutions!

We want the best results for our customers, so we won’t compromise on the quality of our equipment!

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