Drapery Cleaning Services

Drapes collect dust, allergens, odors and other pollutants in them causing them to darken over time. This especially happens during spring and summer. And even though drapes and curtains can often appear clean on a first glance, they’re often dirtier than you could possibly imagine. With our drapery cleaning process, we can clean your drapes in place without having to remove them and without ruining the hems, pleats, and absolutely no shrinkage or color loss. Needless to say, by hiring professionals to do the job you help avoid irritating allergic reactions throughout your house.

We use advanced drape cleaning technology that allows to give you the same great results as if we cleaned them off-site. An additional benefit to our on-site drapery cleaning service is that you’re not inconvenienced with privacy issues and the need to put up temporary window coverings while waiting for them to be cleaned.

On a first glance taking drapes down and cleaning them by yourself sounds fairly simple, not only will you find out that this process is time-consuming and demanding but you might also do more harm than good. If you are not familiar with the type of the material you are about to clean and haven’t done it so far with success, there’s a big chance you will only damage the drapes. Sometimes even to the point where it’s impossible to re-hang them.

Greener Steamer provides professional drapery cleaning and curtain care in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and some surrounding cities. We have years of experience and trained technicians. We make your life easier and help you keep your home interior and draperies beautiful. Not only do we clean, we also sanitize your draperies by using safe techniques and top-of-the-line equipment. You can be rest assured that we treat your drapes with utmost care to ensure that everything stays in one piece and that there are no snags or rips after we finish the job.

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