Shower Glass Cleaning Services

Calcium, magnesium, and soap residue can wreak on a shower glass door. You’ll find that it can become very difficult to remove and that beautiful glass that you know and love can look quite unsightly. The reason for this is that water contains calcium and magnesium. This combination is responsible for the hard dots on the glass. There is where we come in! We have a wide range of shower glass cleaning products and processes to restore your shower glass back to that crystal clear look you want.

After we have restored your shower glass, we can apply a protective coating that helps water and moisture to bead on it so that it can be more easily wiped away. This protective coating also helps to limit mineral deposits and soap scum from adhering to the shower glass.

Can DIY cleaning methods replace professionals?

What we’ve noticed from years of practice is that before hiring us our customers used harsh chemicals and cleaners available in the market. In many situations those cleaners didn’t get the the job done right. And in some instances this caused permanent, irreparable damage to the shower glass. From our experience we noticed that most of the hard water removal over the counter products are quite ineffective and require a lot of work.

Rather than reaching to razor blades and very abrasive sponges (which only cause unsightly scratches) we recommend hiring seasoned experts.

For more than a decade, Palm Beach Garden’s homeowners have entrusted the professionals at Greener Steamer to clean their shower glass doors. Yes, we are a small family-owned, local business and we strive to always be the best.

This is why we invite you to trust the appearance of your bathroom to us. Because for us the difference in high-quality service is crystal clear.

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