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Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Do-it-yourself tile and grout cleaning is hard and uncomfortable work, and it can take all day. And try as you may, it can’t produce the results you really want — that deep-clean that renews the luster and shine that comes only from professional tile & grout cleaning.

With the best equipment, training, and experience, Greener Steamer can achieve far better results in far less time than any do-it-yourself plan can achieve.

And with Greener Steamer, we use advanced equipment and techniques to achieve the best possible results, instead of using strong hazardous chemicals. We use high-pressure equipment with strong vacuum power to extract all the dirt from the tile and from deep within the pores of the grout. It’s very safe and gentle on your tile, and very effective.

The grout between your tiles is porous and especially susceptible to collecting grime, which can build up over time and get quite ugly and unpleasant. Wait until you see the results Greener Steamer can achieve on your grout! And when we’re finished, we can seal the grout to prevent dirt buildup and stains from discoloring your grout, so the shine will last much longer!

High rise condos: I have – hands down – the best and strongest portable equipment to clean inside high-rise condos, apartments, and office buildings. So, regardless of what floor you reside on, I can easily deep clean your showers, floors, countertops, and other tile & grout surfaces. I can also clean stone, upholstery, and carpet.

Call Greener Steamer today to restore your tile floors and showers, and let us make them look great again. We guarantee it. And we strive for that feeling of a job-well-done when we see the huge difference a professional cleaning can make in the appearance of your tile surfaces. It’s extraordinary. And that’s why we do it. We see tile transform every day!

After cleaning, we apply the sealant which keeps your tile and grout looking great much longer. The professional sealant we use is long-lasting, and it penetrates deeply into the pores of the grout. This helps prevent the dirt build up, helps protect against possible permanent stains, and helps ensure more effective future professional cleanings!

For a safer, greener, friendlier, professional experience, let Greener Steamer be your reliable tile and grout professional cleaners. We guarantee you’ll love the sparkling clean results. Give us a call today!

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